Thursday, February 6, 2014

Button Book for Valentine's Day

"Button Book".Have you ever heard this term ??It is not the book about buttons.It is a tiny book with button as covers for the book.Button book is a tiny little book in which you can write a letter to your loved ones or anything you wish to say your love on Valentine's Day.Instead of a boring folded letter in a envelope why not a Button book :)Lets see how to do it.

Materials Required:
Two big buttons(same size)
Normal paper
Pen (To write your story)

Step 1: With the button as the template , trace the shape one after another such that the edges meet.(As shown in the picture).I made my own buttons using polymer clay.

Step 2 :Cut out as many as you want ,depending on the length of what you are going to write.I cut three strips and joined each strip with a small piece of paper(as shown).Do this in such a way it will not show up on the front side.Fold the cut out shape in a zigzag manner.

Step 3:Write your story and stick the first page (i.e First cut out shape) to the back of the front button.And last page to the back of the back button .Your mini button book is ready to be delivered to your love :)

Final look of the button book

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