Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Button Book | Tiny & Unique DIY gift idea for valentine's day

"Button Book".Have you ever heard of this term ?? It is not the book about buttons. It is a tiny book with buttons as covers. I am going to show how you can DIY a button book in valentine's day theme. Let's get started. 

Materials Required:
Two big buttons(same size)- I'm using 3/4" inch for one book and DIY buttons using clay for another set of button book. 
Any paper of your choice
Glue / double-sided tape
Pen (To write your story)

Step 1: With the button as the template, trace the shape one after another such that the edges meet.(As shown in the picture).

Or, you can draw a circle and make an accordion fold using the circle as a guide and trim the excess. You can watch the video below for a better understanding of this step. 

Step 2: Cut out as many as you want, depending on the length of what you are going to write.I cut three strips and joined each strip with a small piece of paper(as shown). Do this in such a way it will not show up on the front side. Fold the cut out the shape in a zigzag manner.

Step 3:Write your wordings/message using a marker or pen on each circle and stick the first page (i.e First cut-out shape) to the back of the front button. And the last page to the back of the back button. Decorate the front covers with stickers as your heart desires. I layered small foam stickers to decorate the front and back of the button. Your button book is ready to be delivered :)

Note: If you feel like the book keeps opening, keep it under a heavyweight for some time. 

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