Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Braided Bracelets

Few months ago ,I posted a picture of the suede leather bracelets which I made and many liked it and was willing to have one for them.So, I decided to write a post on how to do the bracelets so everyone can make their own.Lets get started.

Materials Required :
1) Suede leather cord (4 X 10") - Colour of your choice
2) 3 in 1 pliers
3) Scissors
4) 2 Ribbon and crimp clasps (15 mm)
5) 1 Lobster Clasp
6) 2 Jump rings
7) Extension link
8) Binder clip(Optional)

Some of these terms may sound different to you if you are new to jewelry making.So, I have attached an image to every item to get you an idea of what is it. I have mentioned 3 in 1 pliers because it is handy one for those make jewelry very rarely.It does all the three functions which a round nose plier ,flat nose plier and a wire cutter do.If you already have these pliers then you are good to make use of it.

Step 1: Measure the length of the cord by wrapping around your hand. I made a 7 inch bracelet for which I took 10 inch length of four cords.It is always better to have extra length of two or three inches more than needed.I took two 10 inch length of green and two 10 inch length of pink.You can make a single colour bracelet or multi colored ones.

Step 2: Place the four cords together inside the ribbon and crimp clasp and press it together with flat nose plier to tighten and secure it.(Refer picture).You can also do this later and use binder clip for braiding.

Step 3: Lets start braiding.I have named the cords as 1,2,3 & 4 from right to left. First step is to take the cord 1 and bring it above the cord 2 ,below the cord 3 and above the cord 4.

Step 4: Now, repeat the same step .Take the cord 2(refer picture above) bring it above the cord 3 ,below the cord 4 and above the cord 1.The mantra of this braid is you should just remember above ,below and above(From right to left) and continue to braid till the length you want.

Step 5: Once you reach the end ,wrap it around your hand and measure the length you want and trim the excess.Attach another ribbon and crimp clasp in the similar way as we did in the beginning.

Step 6: Open a jump ring (To do so, hold it as shown in 1st picture below and hold the other side in the hand and pull it towards you to create the opening.You can also hold the other side in another flat nose plier and do this step), insert the lobster clasp and one end of the ribbon clasp and close the jump ring as shown.Repeat the same on the other side by inserting extension link and other end of the ribbon clasp.

Step 7: Hurray!!!You are done!!Wear your own bracelet and enjoy the day !!!!

There are many ways of 4 strand braiding, I found this one interesting so I followed this.You can also experiment with other ways in different color combinations.What color will you prefer your bracelet to be ?

Feel free to share your comments below or write to for any clarifications.I will be happy to hear from you.


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