Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keep it simple - Organizing tips

Tip 1: My craft supplies are not very organized at the same time not very disorganized.I don't have a complete space for my craft supplies but I have filled some drawers and shelves here and there .I have seen many organizing videos where people show Ikea boxes to keep things organized but I feel instead of spending just simply for boxes I would rather get some other craft supplies :P (Do you think like me ?then we should actually be friends :P) But I need some big boxes to store my supplies ,so lets see what I did.

I had some threee or four boxes as shown above ,so I covered it with kraft paper and decorated it with some ribbons/woolen yarns and stamps.Now, I store my fabrics in one box and another one for some miscellaneous items such as papers,foam brushes,bamboo sticks,etc.You can get these big boxes for free in BJ's or Costco,in case if you are not aware :) Or you can also use shipping boxes.

Tip 2: I don't do any crafting ,I don't have these supplies!! Oh my friend !! come on!! I have some uses for you too!! We have only one shelf in our closet and it was hard to accommodate socks in it.So, I followed a little trick I learnt from my aunt to fold socks and store in this box.Keep two socks together ,hold the three ends together (Picture 1)and start covering the socks by push the remaining inside (Picture 2 &3)so that ,it becomes like a ball(Picture 4).So,no more searching for a pair of socks while you are in a hurry. Do you think it is silly ?? or it makes some sense ??How do you store socks?

Tip 3: Here is a dollar store hack for storing Rhinestones /small alphabet stamps.I got 10 small food storage boxes for a $1.Believe me, they are very useful for storing small alphabet stamps and for rhinestones.

Tip 4: Simple trick for storing ribbons,Stick two coffee stir sticks or Popsicle sticks  together with super glue and insert it in a piece of foam(I used a piece cut from a  heavy foam sticker). If you don't have foam use a empty ribbon spool itself as base,apply some super glue in the tip of the stick and hold it against the hole in the ribbon spool.This simple stick can hold upto 10 spools of ribbon.
BONUS :Use can also a piece of foam for protecting your xacto knife when not in use.(In case you missed the cover :) )

A little sneak peak into the craft shelves,please ignore some non relevant items :P

These are some simple ways I follow to organize my craft supplies .Were these tips useful to you ??What are the ways do you follow to organize ??Share it in the comments below so everyone can get organized.Feel free to ask any clarifications in the comments below or write to will be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Oh I should have known! You are crafty AND organized!! Of course you go and make storage look all creative too! I love dollar store ideas.. who doesn't love a good inexpensive way to make life easier, right?!! I'd have to paint the 'boxes' I have a terrible time wrapping things.. it's quite embarrassing at Christmas time.. EVERYONE.. knows which packages I tackled, the ones' that look like a 2yr old wrapped them.. thus, most gifts are wrapped by my husband or I use gift gift bags! I do however love a great plastic tote! maybe my speed would be to glue some ribbon on a tote or use some stickers. My craft pile consists of just that a 'pile' .. now, if i'm going to continue to follow you I MUST get organized!! LOL.

  2. Absolutely ! There are tons of ways to get organized but I prefer the craftiest way of organizing. Lol! For 2014 Christmas , I will help you with some ideas of wrapping the gift without using gift wrapping :)

  3. Hi u r so creative.following ur blog for quite

    sometime .may be we should be friends for not spending on boxes for storing