Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My first baking experience and Eggless vanilla sponge cake

Before I start,

If you are a Pro in baking -->>Sit back ,Relax and laugh for sometime !!
If you are budding baker  -->> Hey girl !! You will thank me for sure !!Keep reading!!

This time I am sharing my first baking experience something different other than craft project or you even call this as "DIY cake"!!. I am not a great cook but I like trying new things just as I do in crafts.We celebrated our 1st Anniversary 2 weeks before ,I tried this cake to enjoy the occasion sweetly. I was searching around the internet for a egg less cake as we are practicing "egg less home ":P and also I don't know to handle it properly :P.I ended up with the recipe from .I took the list of ingredients and went to walmart.

I don't even know that sweeten condensed milk(Main ingredient for eggless) will be in the baking aisle and I was searching for it in the milk section for long time by poking my face inside each freezer :P (See how innocent I am :)).And the other fun part is that I thought it will be in a "tetra pak" but no!!It comes in small tin :) just in case you are thinking like me !!

As this is my first time I don't want to try everything from the scratch so I got "Duncan Hines" Whipped vanilla cream and "Betty crocker" cake icing.(As always there was lot of frosting and icing to select from I just got this saying "Girl!!This is your first try.Just go on!!")

There was too many to select from ,I actually can't understand the difference between the things like "Whipped frosting vanilla cream " ,"Whipped vanilla cream " and "Homestyle creamy".If anybody reading this knows the answer kindly share it in the comments below so that it will be helpful for somebody who is like me :)

Next important thing is can opener!!Out of all ingredients!!Include this also in your shopping list if you don't have one.I have one but I don't know where I kept it and I want to make the cake ready by the time he comes from the office.Oh my god !!I was using all my energy to open it with scissors ,knife and back of the knife holder.I was literally making a noise as if some one was trying to break something to enter into the house :P(I think even they make it without the noise:P).Atlast ,I could able to make a small hole. So ,keep this in the mind !!Opening a tin can without a can opener is not a easy job !!Be prepared !!

All website gives you recipes but not things like this !!ISo, I thought I could share my experience so that  someone who is just starting to learn like me will have a smooth cake baking experience.

Here is the link to the recipe :

Things you may wish to know ,what happened after baking :

It was mentioned that it yields one 9 inch cake .But no problem if you try this in 8 inch round pan too.Because I feared the cake will overflow if it is a smaller pan:P(Again, I have no shame in telling you all this :)) These points may sound silly to you but I am sure it will help somebody like who never know anything about baking just like me :).

1)8 inch round pan was perfect.

2)Me and my cousin were discussing that eggless cake will not be as sponge as cake that has egg .But It was as sponge as cake that has egg.

3)The whipped vanilla cream and icing that I used tasted good and sweet !!
4) I used butter knife to apply frosting in case you wonder if you want to buy a separate thing to apply frosting.
5)It gives 10 pieces per cake. So, If you are only two in home like us.Then this is perfectly the recipe for you.

We are enjoying the cake happily !!

This is a little background decoration I made it for $2 with 2 packs of dollar store plates.

If you have any doubts or clarification just like me !!!!Feel free to comment below or write to .I will be happy to share my experience and will try my best to clear the doubts you have from my experience.

Hope you had a nice time knowing a few innocent me in baking!!!


  1. I think you did very well! As far as the icings go, the different styles are just different consistencies, really. But here's a tip for you: the next time you get store-bought icing like that, dump it in your electric mixer and mix it up for a bit! Makes it SO smooth and fluffy! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for the tip and also for sharing info about the consistencies Kristen :) I really appreciate that :)

  2. Wow, Such a nice cake on first attempt itself, i must say that's a Great Effort

  3. and I really like the way you explained it

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