Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Felt Pouches

Finally Mr.Sun has come out and its time for our sunglasses!!Not at all sun glasses comes with a protective cover/box to keep it safe.When you just throw it inside your hand bag along with other stuffs ,it just tangles with your ear phones and other stuffs in your bag and also make some scratches.So here is a easy way to make a colourful protective pouch for your sunglasses.Let's see how to make it.

Materials Required :
One felt fabric sheet of your favorite colour choice(9" x 12")
Embroidery thread
Fabric scissors

Step 1: Cut the fabric pieces.Place your sun glasses and leave half inch allowance on all sides and cut a piece.With that piece as a pattern cut another piece leaving 1.5" inch extra lengthwise on one side for the closing flap.
Measurement I used :
Flap piece(Red) : 4" width & 8.5" Length
Front Piece(Beige) : 4" width & 7"Length
Both can be of same colour of different colours.It is totally optional.

Step 2: We are going to use blanket stitch to close the three sides to make it as pouch.Thread the needle .I used double yarn and doubled it again and secured a knot at the end.Start from the right top.Take your needle and start from the inside of the Front piece to the outside.

Step 3: Now,Insert the needle from outside of the flap piece(Back) to the outside of the front piece(Front) at the same place forming a loop.Insert the needle into the loop and pull lightly to form the first stitch.

Step 4: Leaving a small gap, insert the needle from outside of the flap piece(Back) to outside of the front piece(Front) forming a loop and insert the needle into the loop and pull lightly to complete the stitch.Repeat the stitch in regular intervals to complete all the three side.

Look of the stitches from various angles

Finished Final look after completing the stitches on all the three sides

 Step 5: Sew a button at the center with a normal stitch and to make a button hole ,fold the flap into half and make a slit with scissors.Be careful not to make a bigger slit.The slit should be slightly big enough for the button to go through it. Shape the edges of the flap if you wish. Tada!!!!Now the pouch is done!!! I am ready to rock the spring & summer with my felt pouches.Are you ready?

Stitched button

Button hole Slit

You can add some embellishments to decorate it.I used hot glue gun and some geometric shapes of felt pieces along with tiny mirrors to add the embellishments.You can get creative with the choice of colour and patterns you use.You can also use printed felt /leather/vinyl to do this.

You can add some beads or pearls after each stitch to make it more decorative.

Printed felt with beads

Vinyl pouch with beads

When you first start learning to do this stitch make large stitches and practice.Once you get hold of the stitch ,do smaller stitches.I recommend small stitches for this pouch because the temple tips(Oh yes!!Google said me so!!:P,it means edges of the two holding bar that holds the specs.I got you!!Now you are asking to yourself what you would say that ?? :P )  of the sunglasses will poke out through the hole, if you make it large.

This was my first trial :)

You can also do variations in patterns to make a small pouch as shown below.Mother's day is coming soon and this will be a perfect gift :)

Hope you enjoyed this weekend's colourful DIY to enjoy your spring and summer.If you are making this what colour will you make ??Feel free to share you comments below or write to

Have fun crafting !!!


  1. Super cute! I think I could even do that! (And that's saying a lot LOL)

  2. what a fun little project and not too hard for a non sewer :) I even like the inspiration of doing different size pouches (your mothers day idea) for cute gift wraps or ways to organize all that STUFF I put in my bag. I think even one for pens so they aren't always falling to the bottom. Oh, the possibilities!

  3. Awesome! Now that one is creative pouches.

  4. Very pretty pouches thanks for linking up at. CDD

  5. Neat pouches. Thanks for sharing at Craftin' Desert Divas for our "Mother's Day" Linky Party.

    Stay Creative,
    • Carson's Creations •
    Craftin' Desert Diva DT member

  6. I think I can do this! You are right about sunglasses getting scratched up easily. Pinning to my Sewing board.

  7. This is super cute and yet so easy to make. You used the embroidery threads in contrast which came out so nice!