Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Makeovers & Good Finds

Anything that is plain,blank will catch my eye with urge to make it look new & colourful .I always wish things around me to be colourful and definitely not in plain,black & white or blank.I got few teak wood bowls in flea market for a very good deal.I just did not have any idea for what I am going to use it for but I was sure I will definitely find a purpose for it.I thought a little makeover will make it look more beautiful and I can use it for storing my accessories.

First I tried painting it with normal acrylic paint.I was not satisfied with the result as it was very light and it did not stick nicely.Next I decided to tried it with Martha Stewart Multi surface paint,Yes!!! It did the job really nicely.I used the satin green and violet along with metallic gold paint.

Cover the top and bottom with masking tape and draw the designs roughly with white crayons (optional).What next ??? Of course !!Painting.Choose your favourite colours and designs ,apply two to three coats and seal it with a acrylic sealer.Voila!!!You now have a new bowls with super cool designs !!Isn;t it colourful ??

Lately, I'm so obsessed with the gold paint and so with sharpie metallic markers.I used these markers and gave a little makeover to my hard disk , Book holder and a small pouch.Here are the before and after.
Used a quote from Google Images as an inspiration to do this

Tutorial for this is coming soon.

Isn't crazy ?? Used sharpie gold marker to draw this paisley.

Tip : To remove Sharpie marker from any of these or some scribbling by a little kid ,use rubbing alcohol to remove it.

What things that you will do a makeover at your home?Feel free to share your comments below or write to will be happy to hear from you.

Some Good finds ...
do Terra Essential oils :
As I am going to my home country next month, I was searching around the internet to find some good and useful stuffs to get for my parents and grandparents.I have never used essential oils but have heard about it in many videos I see.So, I thought first I should give a try before I get it for my grandparents. I ordered Introductory kit in amazon a month ago to give it a try.
Peppermint oil :
My husband  usually has tablets when he gets headache , I totally want him to avoid using it.So, last time when he had headache, he used peppermint oil and it really worked !!! Even I tried it once when I got and really worked for me too.
Lavender oil :
When I was working on sewing project yesterday,I cut my hand with scissors and I suddenly remembered about do Terra. Now, Its time to test the lavender oil . I left a drop of it in my hand and used tissue paper above it to stop the blood.It was so soothing that I dint even have the feeling that I had a cut.So ,Lavender also works!!
Lemon oil :
Still did not find any great use for it.But I tried it using two drops in my water bottle as mentioned but I did not like the taste .I felt the lemon juice would taste great compared to using lemon oil in the water.I am sorry Mr.Lemon :( .Soon, will find a good use for you too !.

This image is taken from the web.

Next comes...
Sugru :
Have you ever heard about Sugru ??It is a self setting rubber for fixing and improving stuffs at your home.I don't know why I liked it a lot before even trying it, I ordered 2 packs instead of one :P by mistake. I think may be because it looks like polymer clay :) . Now I got another new item to get crafty with :) .I used sugru yesterday to cover the ends of iPad charger to prevent it from breaking .From now I don't have to worry about carefully pulling them in and out while putting it to charge and unplugging.
To know more about Sugru and crafty ways of using it , click here.

This image is taken from the web.
Note :This is not a sponsored post by Sugru or doTerra.They are no way related to this post. These products are purchased by me and  these are my personal opinions about the products.


  1. Wow! Great ideas and finds here! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm going to move in next door to you! I just can't imagine how you do so many fun and useful things! I love how your mind works, always seeing beauty and fun in the simplest things :) Lately I've been obsessed with wanting to do Sharpie crafts and I've always loved their metallic pens! Now to get to the store and purchase the correct Sharpies (thanks to a useful tip from you!!) and start creating! Keep posting, never stop.. i'm in love with this blog!

    1. Ha ha :)Welcome Kim :)Thanks a lot for your encouraging words :) Would love to see your sharpie projects :)All the best :)

  3. I so wish my mind worked like yours! You are able to bring out the beauty in all of the ordinary things around you! Just amazing. I Love the bowls and am smitten with your ideas with the gold sharpie! Well done!

    1. Thanks a lot :) Some nice comments like this makes me to do more :)