Friday, June 20, 2014

4 in 1 Asymmetrical All Occasion Clutch

By this time , if you are following me you would probably know that I am fond of 2 in 1, 4 in 1 and reversible kind of stuff when it comes to bags or purses.Whenever I design a bag or purse I always think of How to incorporate multiple uses for a single bag/purse.Well ,It may sound weird to you but that is how my brain works :).I actually came up with this idea when I wanted to participate in a Holiday contest hosted by Velcro brand, Jo-Ann Arts & Craft stores, and Brit +Co. company.The main rule for the contest is that we have to use anyone or more product of Velcro .So, I thought I can make one single clutch with faux leather which can be used for multiple occasion by adding Velcro and fabric skins with different materials like satin,denim, cotton .

I made three covers, two for casual outfits ,one for party outfits.I thought the faux leather clutch which I designed suits for formal or semi-formal outfits.Now let's see How I implemented the idea.

First I made a pattern of the clutch in a newspaper and traced the pattern on to the faux leather.

Then cut the faux leather and prepared the inner layer with solid brown cotton fabric.I just made few basic compartments and also three velcro strips to hang in the keys.(How many times have you thought that you have totally forgotten the keys but it still lies at the bottom of your purse or bag??So I thought a separate place for them using velcro will be great.)

As I did this completely with glue(No sew), I glued the inner part (solid brown fabric)with the faux leather including a cardboard piece for the back panel  in between to give a solid shape.Attached a velcro strip(Loop side) to the hem of the front panel.Glued the sides to complete the clutch.

Next glued velcro(Loop side) to the hem of the flap part.

So, Basic clutch is all done. Decorated the front part with chevron design with fabric paint.Now, comes the preparation of covers/skins part.

A simple design to suit formal and semi-formal outfits.

Made a cover/skin which is slightly bigger(approx half an inch in whole) and perfectly fitting .Used a small strip of heat and bond sheet for the button area to avoid fraying and made a hole for the button.Attached the hook side of the velcro in the same areas.

Ahhhh!!!The cover is ready !!!! Moving on to the fitting test.Here is the result.

It is fitting perfectly!!!Now the clutch has got a Whole new look. Do you agree??A bright green color to suit for the casual outfits to take along for a hangout with friends or shopping.

From a formal look to a casual look.!!!

In a similar way prepared two more skins with denim and satin material.Satin material was quite challenging to work with.I did not get the result at the first time as it was fraying a much and for some reason, I did not get the fit.So, I used heat and bond sheet and completely covered the material to make it little stiffer and then tried.This time I got the result.Yay!!!

One more to suit for all casual outfits.A perfect match for all denim.

A golden color clutch with satin and some rhinestones to suit for all party wears.

Is it not as simple as that?? When there is multiple occasion on the same day, you don't have to worry much your clutch/purse, you can just take a cover/fabric skin that it suitably for the occasion .And, that's it !You are ready to Rock!!!

And the Happy moment is I got runner up for this idea !!!Woohooo!! All the hard work got paid !!!Would be great if someone sponsors me to make this idea a commercial one !! (Just Kidding :P) 

Would love to thank all the sponsors for giving me such an opportunity to bring out my ideas to the world :)

If anyone is going to try this idea , please let me know.And Ladies(Of course Gentlemen,Would love to hear from you too :)),What do you feel about this clutch ??Will you be excited to have one like this?? Talk to me in the comments below.


  1. Oh, I LOVE that you can secure things inside the clutch like that, what a great idea! The skins are pretty, too!

  2. Hi Sahana,
    Good one. But i recommend adding fabric interface to outside of your inner layer, just to add that cushion to protect your electronic gadgets.
    And 2 weeks back i made a foldable and washable fabric basket using velcro. Wil post on my blog soon.

    1. Thanks Roopini :) I have used cardboard for that purpose too :) Oh great :)

  3. Great idea! I love that you can change out your bag without worrying that you transferred everything, it all stays in the same clutch, just change out the cover! Awesome! Thanks for linking up to Weekly Inspiration Linky Party at!