Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to make different types of bows !!

Bows are perfect gift toppers.When you don't have a quite attractive gift wrapping paper you can always go with kraft paper and make your gift more attractive by decorating with bows. :)In my London bridge- Keepsake gift postI showed How I wrapped a gift in last minute and added a bow to spruce it up a bit.One of my Blogger friends asked me if I could show a tutorial on How to make a flower bow.So, here comes a complete instruction of how to make different types of bows.
gift bows using different materials like newspaper, duct tape, ribbons, etc

You can use any kind of materials like scrapbook paper,construction paper,newspaper,duct tape,magazine paper, ribbons and even maps (ya!you heard it, right!Those maps which you collected from your vacation trips!).

Type 1: A simple bow.(Let's start from basics!! :))Take a 17" inch length of a ribbon.Fold it in half and make a crease to mark the center point.

Take one end of the ribbon and make a twist and bring it under as shown.

And repeat the same on the other end. 

After this step make sure the ends are crossed and a drop a dab of glue or staple to hold .Cut the ends of the ribbon in V shape to avoid fraying. Glue a button or a sticker to complete the look of a simple bow. Isn't it very simple???

Type 2: The big swirly flower bow. I used newspaper to make this bow.This bow can be made smaller or larger than this.I am sharing the size which I used to make the bow .
22"inch length --> 5 strips
11" inch length-->5 strips
3.5"inch length --> 1 strip
Width is 1" inch for all strips.

Take one 22" inch strip ,fold it in half and make a crease to mark the center.
Take both the ends and bring it to the center point and staple it.

Do the same for all the 5 strips and arrange them one above the other forming a circle.Staple them at the center to hold it together.

Do the same with 11" inch strips forming a shorter circle.

Place smaller one above the larger and staple them.

Take the 3.5 " inch strip fold them in half and tape it.Stick it in the center with a double sided tape or fold a strip of clear tape at both ends and stick to the folded strip and then stick the folded strip to the center of the bow.Voila!!!Now you have a beautiful big bow !!!

Type 3: It is a swirly, lengthy bow.I made this with ribbon.For this you will need,

8.5" inch length --> 2
6.5" inch length --> 2
4.5" inch length --> 2
3.5" inch length --> 1

Fold the both 8.5" inch length ribbon pieces into half, overlap one over the other and staple it.Do the same with 6.5" and 4.5" strips.Place one over the other and use 3.5" ribbon strip to make a circle and staple it at the center.

There are many alternate ways that you can make this type of bow. One is you can use a continuous length of ribbon to make these swirls as you desire and staple it at the center .Two is you can make the strips as continuous one instead of two pieces in each length i.e 17" , 13" and 9" strips and follow the same procedure.

Type 4: This is a twisty type of bow.For this, you will need, 3 strips of 11"inch long and one 3.5" strip for the center.

I made this with duct tape on one side and magazine paper on the other side.Stick the duct tape as shown , leave some tape on both the ends to make the bows easier to stick.I personally felt the width is too long so ,I cut them into half.

 Now we are going to make the strips look like 8.Start by twisting it(Clockwise) as shown to make the upper side of 8 .

Now take the other end and twist it in an anti-clockwise direction to make the lower side of 8 and stick it at the back.Use the small sticky tape that is left on both the sides to secure it in place.

Make all the three strips as shown above and place one over the other and use glue or tape to stick it.Complete the center with a small strip same as in the big swirly flower bow .Tada!!!You got another beautiful bow to decorate your gifts.

Hope you enjoyed learning the different types of bow.Which bow you liked the most ?? And in what material would you like to do it ?? Will you be making any of these when you gift someone next time ??Share your comments below. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me at vikalpah@gmail.com.As always I will be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you for your tutorials, I am pinning this for the next time I have a gift to wrap. I appreciate the detailed pictures, I am such a visual learner.

    1. You are Welcome Sarah !! Thank you for the comment :)

  2. Fabulous bows! Love the tutorial... It comes handy when I need to wrap gifts :) Thanks for sharing it!

  3. These are great! I especially like how you show how cool recycled paper can be in these. I'm pinning this for whenever I need some fantastic bows. Thanks!

  4. Thank you!! I'm pinning this for the next time I need a bow. I can't wait to impress people. :)

  5. What great tips! I even have a bow-maker and still blow it! :P I need to try these. :) #HomeMattersParty

  6. Great tutorial for how to make bows. It's definitely going to come in handy soon, with the holidays and gift wrapping I will do. #HomeMattersParty

  7. Good step by step pictures! Thanks for sharing, I love the added detail of a homemade bow. #homematersparty

  8. Nice bow tutorial! Bows come in handy for so many things. Thanks for sharing with the #HomeMattersParty

  9. One nice thing about making bows is that you can often upcycle materials (like the newspaper wrapping shown in your post.) I save random pieces of ribbon and packaging materials that come with things I order throughout the year just in case they come in handy for DIY projects like this. #HomeMattersParty

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