Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Words with jute twine + 10 Awesome DIY Twine projects to try

Today I am sharing with you something which I wanted to try for long time.Ya ! Those rope words.After having seen them in many places , I myself have asked the questions like , Do they really get stiffer and stand on its own? will they not come apart? Will the paste be that strong? To answers all those questions, I gave a try on this DIY rope words.Lets see ,How it turned out.

Materials required 
Wax paper / any plastic sheet 
Jute twine / or any twine
1 1/2 warm water , 1 cup Corn startch, 1 cup all purpose flour ,
1 cup craft glue & 1 teaspoon salt --> for paste

Step 1: Write the word you want to try in the plastic sheet with the marker in cursive letters, so that you will know how the rope should go.(as shown below)

Step 2: Prepare the mixtue without any lumps and soak the twine in the mixture. You can actually make a mixture with half the quantity specified above . As it is a small project you definitely don't need that much.

Step 3: The twine need not be soggy but it should be completely coated with the mixture to retain the shape.So squeeze out the excess mixture and write the letters with twine on the plastic sheet.

Step 4: Use any small piece of wire for shaping , if your twine gets twisted. For me , the end of the speech bubble was twisting and creating a loop(Picture above) , so I took a wire in "V" shaped and wrapped the twine on it.Be sure, to overlap the twine on the places like the start of "W" on the lines of the speech bubble. If it doesn't overlap then , you will not get a complete form to hang it.(I didn't do this in the start but I made it after sometime, forgot to take picture:( .You can see it in the final result).
I would suggest you to chose small words instead of large words or use thicker rope or use thinner twine twice the time for larger words. I am insisting you this, because you can notice the words are little curvy inside the speech bubble.If you want to avoid this, do it twice.So that , it will be stiffer.

I am happy with the end result.:) The words are stiffer enough to stand on its own and I got my doubts clarified. As we are renting a house in upstairs , we don't have a front porch or something to hang this, but we have a small wall in between the connecting room when we open the entry door, so I have hung this in that area.I think this would be perfect for "Fall".You can "Welcome" fall with this cute twine project.

If you are trying this, what words will you try making it ??If you have some extra jute twine , I have rounded up some wonderful twine projects by beautiful bloggers which would be perfect for "Fall".Check them out.

Twine for wall art ??That supposed to a great idea.If you are a geometry lover, this will suit your room.

DIY Jute twine Wall art by Jamie from [Kreyv]

Any of your friends getting married this Fall??This would be a great way to display the rings.

DIY Ring pillow by The Paisely Press

Even though the below tutorial will take you to the DIY Spring Wreath , the technique she has shown can be used to create the twine wreath below.Won't this wreath be a perfect one or "Fall decor"??
And also ,do you know you can use a pool noodle as wreath form?Just saying, in case you don't know.


DIY Fall wreath by Cat from Mary Martha Mama

With simple knots and twine ,you can beautifully revamp a candle jar.Check this tutorial.

Nautical Upcycled  Candle Jar Inpired

DIY Nautical Upcycled Candle Jar by Carol from Through my front porch

I got the same questions striking in mind, will the glue gun alone hold the shape to make this rug.Check this, if you want to try a jute rug.I am awestruck with the designs!!!

make jute, sisal, twine or cotton rope rugs

DIY Jute rope rugs from Home dzine

An easy tutorial to make a simple and elegant bottle display.

Simply gorgeous bottles...
DIY twine wrapped decor bottles from Mango & Passion Fruit

Are you a crocheter? Then , you should try this. Asking me ?? I am waiting for some good day to start learning crocheting.Anybody ready to teach me ??You are most welcome !! :D

DIY Jute twine belt by Angela Lynn Via HubPages

This is not a DIY, but I found this on Etsy and thought it was cute .So sharing!!

Hypoallergenic Jute Twine Rosette Post Earrings
Twine studs by SakieJdesigns

I know it takes hours and patience to do this. But it is worth the time.What do you think ?? A simple Ikea stool makeover.Have a stool like this?Then you should consider this tutorial.

DIY Ikea stool makeover from Designsponge

Are you a kind of person who like personalized, customized things like me ?? Then here is a DIY for you.

DIY Jute wrapped letter from White light on Wednesday

Hope you all enjoyed the DIY's I shared with you.Feel free to share your comments below.As always I am happy to hear from you.Have any doubts?? or want to say hi?? E-mail -


  1. Shana, Great collection. I have been eyeing on rope rug and twine bottle décor for a while on pinterest. Never saw this Ikea stool makeover before, it looks gorgeous :)
    Let's Make It Lovely

    1. Thank you roops , Twine bottle I have already done in a different way and you know that.I think we have to give a try on the rug. :)

  2. This is pretty fun, you could lots of fun projects with this. I love the natural and rustic look of twine.

  3. This looks so simple. Great collection. Thanks for linking with us at Home Matters!

  4. I love jute twine, but I never thought to make ART out of it! How neat!

    1. Yup !! That is so simple and anyone can make it. :)

  5. Great ideas! I'm seeing string/twine in a whole new light now!

    Kraft inspiration Thursday link party

  6. Stopping by from City of Links party. I have a small obsession with twine/jute. I try to use for every project. LOL Great round-up:)

  7. Such a cute idea and great roundup! Thanks for sharing with Creative Spark Link Party.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  8. Ooooh! What a sweet jute craft - now I need to go find my roll of twine so I can give this a try over the weekend. Thank you for sharing all these fun ideas. #HomeMattersParty

  9. That is adorable!! What a fun way to personalize a gift! :) #HomeMattersParty

  10. This is a great way to have a unique piece of art in our homes. I like how we can choose any words we want too.

  11. Love jute projects and this is such a unique idea! Tweeted! #HomeMattersParty

  12. So many great projects to make with twine. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at the #HomeMattersParty :)

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