Friday, September 5, 2014

How to sew an iPad cover

Our Apple smart cover is 2 year old and all the corners started coming apart and so I decided to make one with Apple smart cover as an inspiration.We are more used to automatic on/off and so I thought I can make a one with same function using magnets.You know what , I got a new sewing machine !!!Yay!!! So, here I am sharing "How to sew an iPad cover".Without much ado lets move on to the materials required.


 Materials Required :
Any solid cotton fabric - 1/2 yard
Pellon 809 decor bond - 1/2 yard (Interfacing)
Fusible Thermolam Plus - 1/4 yard (Interfacing)
Clear elastic - 1/2 yard
Matching color thread
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors
Measuring tape
Pins to hold the fabric while cutting

Measurements :

All the measurements mentioned here are for ipad 2.You can change these measurements according to the tablet you own. The measurements are mentioned as Width X Length

 2 pieces of cotton fabric for outer & inner cover -- > 16.5" X 11.5"
 2 pieces of 809 decor bond intefacing --> 16.5" X 11.5"
 1 piece of Thermolam -->15.5" X 10.5"
 1 piece of cotton fabric --> 7.25" X 9.5"
 4 pieces of clear elastic -- > 5"
 4 pieces of cardboard --> 1.75" X 6.25"

Step 1: Iron the 809 decor bond with the sticky side facing the wrong side of cotton fabric(Follow the instruction on the cover of interfacing) and prepare 2 pieces of outer and inner cover fabric measuring 16.5" X 11.5" .In the same way, prepare the inner cotton fabric measuring 7.25" X 9.5".

Step 2: Make an angled cut at the corners to avoid bulkiness.Fold and iron the  1/4" seam allowance on each side of the inner cotton fabric(7.25" X 9.5") .

Step 3: Measure 3" across each corners and mark the areas where the elastic has to go. Pin the elastic in place and make a stitch on each side to secure the elastic. The stitches should be made in the seam allowance area so that when folding it the stitches should not be seen out.

Step 4: Fold the seam allowance and place the inner cotton fabric (7.25" X 9.5") on the center of second half of the inner cover fabric and pin it.Make top stitch on all the corners to secure the inner cotton fabric in place.

Check whether the iPad fits well.

Step 5: With right sides facing other sew the inner and outer cover on all three sides.

Step 6: Place the cardboard on the first half of wrong side of the front cover and then  place the thermolam (15.5" X 10.5") above it and Iron.Yes, thermolam also adheres to the cardboard as mentioned in the package.(Refer the instructions). You can create your own design at this step for the front cover. I made it like this as apple smart cover was my inspiration to create a triangle by folding the front portion to make it a stand.

Step 7: This is a totally optional step. This step was an experiment to attach magnet to the inside of the ipad cover to act as a smart cover to enable automatic on/off of the iPad. (Wondering ??? The apple smart cover has magnets inside it and so as the ipad. To see what I am talking about, I will refer you to the video . If you are a no sew person, you can do it that way to make a simple cover ).

I did this with a strip of magnet and I am not 100% satisfied with the result as the magnet was not straight (It curls at the ends) when attached to the thermolam and so the on/off needs to be done manually by placing the magnet on the spot as the curly ends creates a gap between the screen and the cover. So , I am thinking of experimenting this with a disc magnet and I will soon update this post with disc magnets experiment. As of now , you can skip this step or experiment along with me !!!
Step 8: Turn the whole thing inside out and fold the seam allowance in on the fourth side and complete it with the top stitch. Voila !! Now you have your own iPad cover. I was very happy that my cover was able to make the ipad stand on it own for the video angle (Ya!!We say it that way, Because we use our pickle bottle to make our iPad stand for watching videos while eating !! :D but now we don't need that :D)

As we both (Me and my hubby) will be using the iPad I wanted to chose a print that is common and liked by both of us.We got so much in love with this tea cups print and so I even made custom tea bags with scrap fabrics.How cool is that ??? ;)

What do you think about this iPad cover ??Have you ever made one ?? If no, Why not give a try ?? Don't worry if you don't know to sew try a no sew version like they have shown in the video . If you like challenges like me, go ahead and try making your own smart cover.Don't forget to share the results with me because I love to see your creations .Feel free to share your comments below or write to


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  12. Thank you for showing the tutorial. I also used to use a DIY phone case made of wool. But I needed a more durable case for my phone. So I went with a wooden iphone case for my phone. It is so durable, light in weight, and environment friendly.

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