Friday, June 26, 2015

How to convert Duvet Cover into Back tab curtains

If you are regular reader here, you would have already read my "How to sew Tab Top curtains under $10".If not, take a look now. Like that, this is also a thrift store challenge and I got this duvet cover for $5.99 along with the large curtain that I sewed into two tab top curtains.It was one large rectangle window of 70" X 40" and this challenge is for two large 30" X 60".To be honest , when I got this particular thing I did not even know it was a duvet cover, I just randomly got this as it was large enough to make curtains.(Because I was in hurry to complete my thrift store shopping as my husband was interested to go to the next shop to buy some electronics for him so he was not much into this :P). After coming home , I opened the big bulky folded cloth and realized it was a duvet cover and was happy that I could make 4 curtain panels for 2 large windows.

I removed the zippers and cut some cloth to sew back tabs all from the duvet cover and the remaining cloth I had measured 2 pieces of  68" X 76 ".I cut that into half ,so I had 4 pieces of 34" X 76" panels plus 5" X 76" of fabric for sewing tabs.Now lets see how to sew the back tab curtains.

Materials Required :
A duvet cover
Matching thread

Step 1: Take the extra one 5" X 76" piece of fabric . Fold the piece around 1.75" on each side and iron. Fold that piece into half and sew along the edge with 1/8" of seam allowance and also sew a stitch on the other side.

Step 2: Cut the sewn long strip into 2.5" pieces for tabs.You will need 20 tabs in total for all the 4 curtains panels(Which is 5 tabs for each panel)

Step 3: Take a 34" X 76" panel and fold and iron 0.5" inch on the top. Fold, iron and sew the sides of the panel.

Step 4: Fold 1" inch from the top, Iron and place the five tabs (cut in step 2) in equal intervals and pin it with the folded top part and sew.

Step 5: Now fold each tab for 0.5" and pin it. Sew and secure the tab. That is it. The top part is done.

Step 6: Fold and Iron 0.5" and then 3" for the bottom hem and sew. Tada! Your first panel is ready. In the same way, sew all the four panels and your curtain is now ready to hang for two large windows. Simple, right?

What do you think of these curtains?? Have you done any DIY curtains before?? If so, share them in the comments below.Isn't it a great deal for $6 ??As always, I will be happy to hear from you in the comments below.


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  3. Very nice the way the curtains came out! Thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday! Love the pretty flowing look

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  8. These curtains are lovely, and they look so easy to make. Great idea. #HomeMattersParty

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  9. I love this idea! Curtains are so expensive...this is a great solution:) #HomeMattersParty

  10. Wow that is an amazing way to make curtains our of a duvet cover for a bargain. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  11. Well that's very ingenious ! What a clever way to reuse a duvet! Thanks for sharing! #HomeMattersParty

  12. A gentle suggestion: Check the pattern on each matched panel set. In this one, the pattern seems to be running uphill in the right curtain. Perhaps you could swap it with one from the other window? Or, if it's always tied back, never mind. It doesn't show when it's open. (I am a bit of a Type A. When we moved into our present home, the previous owners kindly left the curtains and hardware. The ducks didn't line up on one window, so I had to, as only an OCP person can understand, take them down and fix them asap. Then I had to fix the other window to match the shorter length!) It's not always easy to live with myself... :)

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