Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cup cake packing & gift wrapping idea for odd shaped items

A while ago I posted "How to sew an Apron with gathered bottom" which I made as a gift for my brother's friend who loves baking. I wanted to gift wrap that pretty apron in a pretty way but not in a traditional box because the first thing is I have to search for a box that fits for apron and second I have to think whether that box fits into the standard USPS shipping box.I wanted to avoid all that and as always I wanted to try something new and attractive.Also the recipient should feel extra special when they see the wrapping and should consider the wrapping as a additional gift.(May sound more dramatic but that is how I think while I am wrapping a gift, pardon me :P). With all these in mind, lets go to the wrapping.

Materials Required :
An gift that you wish to gift wrap
Wrapping paper
Variety of cardstock if you wish to add some extra touches
Double sided tape
Step 1: I wanted the final wrapping to look like a cup cake so I folded the apron and tied it with a ribbon. Next I made a paper bag that fits the apron. This paper bag suits for any kind of odd shaped items that you wanted to wrap like a basket ball or an apron like this. I actually made these paper bags as treat bags during Halloween time but as I said these bags can be used for anything. To learn how to make these, Click here. I have explained them in detail .

Step 2: Make a decorative edge on the top of the paper bag and close it with a sticker.You know how much I love emoticons :)

Step 3: Cut your card stock in the cup cake shape(You can make any shape that suits your gift or theme) and add the details.Make sure the cup cake size is bigger than the paper bag so that the bag hides at the back of the cup cake. I made the cup cake similar to the print on the apron but you can make your own .Add some sentiment in the cup cake and more sprinkles(Who doesn't love sprinkles?? ;)).

Step 4: Now glue the paper bag to the back of the cake to complete the packing . Adjust the bag and glue it so that it hides. I folded the bag a little over the top on both the sides but you can adjust it according to the gift you are wrapping.And that's it !!

How easy it is to customize a gift wrapping?? Will you try this next time when you are wrapping a odd shaped gift ?? If you do so, share a picture with me in any of my social media. I will be happy to see and share it. Feel free to share your comments below.

Happy Wrapping !!!


  1. I love how simple it really is to turn plain materials into a fun presentation! Gifts after all are more fun when presented like this ; ) Pinning this to Bloggers Brags board - thanks for linking up!

  2. What a fun idea. The gift wrapping is adorable! I agree that the wrapping should be prettily done. Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  3. What a great idea! I love when the wrapping isn't just something simple from the store....beautiful! #HomeMattersParty

  4. That is just wonderful! I would love to give this a try. It makes the gift even more special. #HomeMattersParty

  5. What a fun and creative way to give a gift! The cupcake wrapping is so cute. #HomeMattersParty

  6. Anything cupcake is awesome, isn't it?! ;) #homemattersparty

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