Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 10 popular posts of 2015 + Your opinion matters!! (Mini-poll)

I want to start this post by thanking you all for supporting me for the past two years and making this blog a wonderful place to share my crafty content. If it is not you reading my blog today, there wouldn't be a blog post saying "Top 10 popular posts". So, I want to thank you all once again for all the support, likes, comments and shares .With that said,  lets see what are the top 10 most clicked posts or the posts which got highest page views this year. Shall we??

So, thats it my friends. Hope you enjoyed all the craftiness we shared in 2015 and I'm feeling excited for more craftiness in the coming year. We wish you all a very Happy new year 2016. I have created a small poll to help us know you better so that we can create more content that you like. So, please feel free to share your opinions in there. See you all next year ;) 

Happy Crafting !! 

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  1. I still can't get over the incredible makeover you gave to that dressing table! I love your DIY jewelry projects, too :) Thank you for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

    1. Aww!! Thank you Emily !! Your comment made my day :)

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