Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Easter Baskets from Cereal box & Milk jug

When I was going through my old posts 10+ Organizing ideas at almost no cost & Milk jug crafts , it suddenly strikes to me that why not some easter baskets from cereal box and milk jug. I have already mentioned in my milk jug crafts post that it can be used as easter basket too but I thought I will show you separately in a post on how to make those as baskets with step by step instructions.Are you ready? Get excited as I show you how.

Materials Required :
For cereal box Easter basket:
Cereal box (Big or small)
Spray paint or acrylic paint or Scrapbook paper to decorate
Washi tape & stickers to decorate.
Binder clips
Painter's tape

Step 1: Use your marker to mark the height of the basket. I measured  6" from the bottom of the cereal box for basket and for the handle I measured 1.5" on the sides.

Step 2: Cut on the marked area using scissors and the cereal box should look as shown below.I did not cut the top flaps(The folded part on the top) of the cereal box instead I used them to overlap the handle but it is up to you depending on the length of the handle you prefer.

Step 3: Overlap the top part to form the handle. Use glue to secure them together. I used tacky glue 
  and some binder clips.

Step 4: Stuff the inside with some newspaper and cover the edges with painter's tape to avoid paint.I used teal color spray paint to paint the cereal box. 

Step 5: Decorate the basket with tape and stickers. I used washi tape and stickers to decorate and used black sharpie marker to write the name in the center. And Voila!! Your basket is now ready!!Stuff them with goodies to give it to your kids for Easter.

Materials Required:
For Milk jug Easter Basket
Milk jug
Utility knife or Xacto knife
Any paint that is suitable for painting milk jug(optional)
Washi tape or stickers to decorate
Stapler with pin
Rubbing alcohol & paper towel

Step 1: Use marker to mark the area below the handle of the milk jug to cut for basket base.

Step 2: Use knife to poke a hole as shown here and then use scissors to cut the milk jug. Now you will have the base.

Step 3: Use the remaining part and marker to mark for the handle. Cut the handle using scissors.

Step 4: Use Stapler to staple the handle to the basket base to complete the milk jug basket.

Step 5: You can use the basket as such and decorate it with washi tape/stickers or paint it and then decorate. I used a Maroon color spray paint for plastics but it did not work well so I used multi purpose spray paint in white. After the paint dried, I decorated with washi tape to complete the basket. If you feel the staple edge is pointy , you can cover it with tape or staple it in such a way that it is pointing out so that it gets covered while decorating with washi tape. That's it! Your Milk Jug Basket is ready! How easy was that? 

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY baskets idea. Share what you think in the comments below. As always I will happy to hear your comments. 

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