Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DIY Coasters using popsicle sticks - 2 ways (Wood burning & Painting)

I have 2 sets of agate coasters but they are small in size for most of the flat bottom vessels I own. So I thought I need another pair of coasters which are big enough to protect the dining table from the hot dishes. Today I am going to show a simple method to make coasters out of popsicle sticks and also 2 ways to spruce them up.

Materials Used :
Popsicle sticks
Wood burning tool and different points/tips (Optional)
White paint and paint pens(Optional)
Clear Varnish

Step 1: Arrange the popsicle sticks one after the other as shown. I used eight big popsicle sticks for one coasters and two sticks at the back to secure.

Step 2: Cut the rounded edges of the popsicle sticks using scissors. Apply a line of E6000 glue and secure the sticks. I used two sticks one on each side.You can also use one more in the center if desired. Allow it to dry.

 Now your coasters are ready! To spruce them up,  I got two ways. One is to use wood burning tool to add some designs or to paint them and use paint pens to free hand some designs. 

For wood-burning :

Step 3: Use the shading point to create flower-like shapes on the coasters. I like to call them a leaf point as it looks like that. So first, use the leaf point and create/burn a flower with four petals facing all the four directions then fill each gap between with another four petals to create a flower shape. 

Step 4: Use the Texture n Tone point to create diamond print coasters. I like to call them a diamond point as the outer shape looks like it. I used this tip in side ways for one stick and repeated the design and used them in straight ways for the second stick and repeated the same. I used another popsicle stick in the middle at the back while burning the design to give some evenness and stability when pressing the tip to burn. Your coasters are now ready to use. 

If you are using the universal point, here are some design ideas to try. 

For Butterfly design, press the point in an angle towards the left to create a left-wing and towards the right to create a right wing. Use the point straight upwards to create two antenna. 

For a dandelion, use the tip straight upward and keep burning the lines all around to create a circle. Use the tip of the point to create a dots. 

For chevron and triangle, just turn the direction of the burning to the left and right accordingly to create a chevron or triangle. 

Are you new to the wood-burning craft, check these tips & techniques to give you clear understanding of the craft. 

For painting:

Step 3: Use a white acrylic paint or chalky finish paint (I used the leftover from my Bookshelf makeover) to make the coasters white.Allow it to dry. Use paint pens to create your own designs. As mandalas are in trend right now, I just drew my own mandala design using the paint pen. Why paint pens? you may ask. It gives a nice opaque look to the design compared to using a normal sharpie marker. 

Step 4: Seal the coasters with clear varnish to protect the design. Allow it to dry and your coasters are ready to use. 

Hope you like this easy to do coasters. I have linked to the walnut hollow site for better understanding of the point/tips I used for creating the design. This post is however not sponsored.I have the special technique point II  set which has all of these tips and helps in creating a lot of designs for various projects like this bracelets, ornaments, wood sign, etc. I think this is a great project do with kids this summer. There are lot of creative ways to customize these coasters. I am sure you will try these techniques in your own creative way. 

Share what you think about these coasters in the comment below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. If you make these coasters, don't forget to tag me in any of the social media shown above(Top right corner). 


  1. This coasters are awesome. I have a wood burner that I got at a garage sale and it's still in the package. I have so many plans for it :D Thanks for linking these on Waste Not Wednesday. Come share with us again!

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