Thursday, November 16, 2017

DIY Wall art using Sequins

Last year, I made embroidery ornaments for Christmas using wood burning tool and this year I wanted to experiment some other way of using the tool. Long time ago, I saw an project around the internet where they used a page protector and wood burning tool instead of using fuse tool to create compartments in page protector. The idea was on my ideas-to-try list for long and I finally tried it. Here is how you can use the idea to make a wall art using sequins.

Alternate use for wood burning tool as fuse tool

Material used :
Page protector
Cardboard (optional)
Scrapbook paper(optional)
Hot glue
Rope or twine or yarn to hang the art

Step 1: Write the words or design you want in a paper. Keep the paper under a page protector and secure the page protector with tape on the cutting mat. 

Step 2: Heat the wood burning tool. Use the mini flow point nib and slowly swipe along the lines you see through the page protector to fuse the two layers of plastic.Leave one side of the letter to stuff the sequins inside.
I got best results when the tool is used within few minutes of switching on. I switched the tool off in between so that it doesn't heat up too much. If you have a temperature controlled wood burning tool then you can set it to low temperature.

Step 3: Pour some sequins and use any pointy tool like the tip of the pencil to stuff the sequins inside the fused letter. Then close the letter following the same steps as step 2. Dumb the remaining sequins out of the page protector. 

Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 to complete the remaining letters. 

Step 5: To frame the art, cut four cardboard pieces- an inch wide and 11" in length and wrap them in scrapbook paper of your choice. Trim the sides of the page protector and use tape to secure the sides.
I used a silver tape the secure the sides.
To create a hanging frame like I did, before gluing the cardboard pieces together on the top part, wrap a yarn both sides in the back cardboard piece and glue it to create a hanging loop. Then glue another cardboard piece on the top to complete the look.For the bottom part, just glue the page protector between two cardboard pieces. And, your wall art is ready to decorate your walls!.
Or, you can remove the back side of a frame and glue the page protector as such to the back of the frame to create a floating frame look.The choice is yours.

What to make the Holly garland you see in the pic? Click here. 

How do you like this one of a kind wall art? Make these to decorate your house for holidays.You may find this technique intimidating but once you try it, you might not want to stop making these. Be patient while trying, take a break if you don't get it the first time and then try again. All you need to remember is a gentle swipe and not pressure while trying this technique . This method does causes fumes when you try for the first time as you may create holes in the plastic accidentally while learning, so try to wear a mask and work in a ventilated area to be safe. 

You can create variety of designs and word art using this technique. If you make this, what design or word you will make? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Very cute project. I like seeing new ways to make things. #HomeMattersParty

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  2. What a fun project! #HomeMattersParty

  3. That is a really cool idea! I don't have a wood burning tool but if I did, it would be fun to try this. I think this would be a cute front for a holiday card, too. #HomeMattersParty

  4. I don't know I would have enough patience. Hoping to find some time to try out your DIY embroidery ornaments.

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