Wednesday, June 6, 2018

DIY garden markers using popsicle sticks

Do you have the wood burning tool that you got to make that one DIY you saw on Pinterest? Time to dust that the box and use the tool. I have a simple DIY to make for your garden. All you need is popsicle sticks and wood burning tool. Let's see how.

Materials Used :
Popsicle sticks
Wood burning tool
Paper towel (optional)
Liquid dye or Acrylic paint (optional)

Step 1: Write the name of the plant on the popsicle stick using the pencil. You can draw a small picture of the fruit or flower beside the name of the plant if you desire.

Step 2: Use the wood burning tool and go over the pencil marks. You can stop here but if you want to add some color to the markers then continue.

Step 3: Soak a paper towel with a tiny amount of liquid dye and apply it to the wood burned part of the popsicle stick. Let it dry and now the garden markers are ready to decorate/organize your garden.

How easy and quick was that? Have you ever made your own garden markers? If yes, share with us how you did in the comments below. I think these wood burning garden markers turned out so cute and will last longer. This is a perfect beginner project to try if you are new to wood burning. Also, these DIY garden markers pair perfectly with my DIY planters from yogurt containers.

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  1. I had a woodburning tool for my birthday so I'm looking for ideas, this is a lovely one, thanks.

  2. A great idea! I'm horrible about forgetting where I planted what. And these are so cute!!! #HomeMattersParty

  3. I didn't use garden markers this year and I really should have. Now I have two types of cucumbers and four different types of tomatoes growing and I don't remember which bed I planted them in. Thanks for sharing a great craft. #HomeMattersParty