Friday, April 12, 2019

DIY essential oils Storage Case from Ferrero Rocher Chocolate box

I have already shared a tutorial on how to make an organizer tray from Ferrero Rocher box with multiple uses and this time it is an another Ferrero Rocher box turned into a storage case for essential oils. I got a few essential oils to try in the diffuser and it came in a cardboard box which allows you to store the oils flat. I wanted to store them straight up after opening and I was looking for a container to store them. After a few searches on the internet, I came to know that these oils need to be stored in a dark place. When I was brainstorming ideas for this, a moderator from Talenthouse commented on my organizer tray post that there is a contest by Ferrero Rocher. You know I love participating in contests, I did not win the contest but I love how this storage case turned out. Here is the full tutorial on how I did it.  

Materials Used:
Ferrero Rocher 16 piece box
Spray paint
Painter's tape
Black Cardstock
Ruler & Pencil
A large bead or knob (Optional)
Glue (Optional)

Step 1: Measure the box and make the dividers using the card stock. To make the dividers thicker, I glued two cardstock. Refer the picture below for detailed measurements for the dividers and the slits.

Step 2: Cover the inside and top groove of the box using painter's tape. Spray paint the box in the color of your choice. Add any designs on the outside of the box using painter's tape like the stripes I did or you can use stencils. 

The contest had a specific color scheme to be followed. So, I took the inspiration from the chocolate wrapper and chose the brown color and two gold stripes. Any dark color paint will work perfectly fine if you are going to use the box as an essential oil storage container. As essential oils should be stored away from sunlight in a dark place. 

Step 3: This is an optional step. Glue a bead or a knob using a strong glue on the top of the lid for easy opening and closing of the box. The storage box is now done. 

How easy is this makeover? By any chance, do you have one of these boxes at home? What are you using them for? You can also change the divider widths and use them to store other things like makeup, stationaries, etc. Share with me in the comments below on what you think of this idea and whether you will be using this idea. 

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  1. What a clever idea and a great way to upcycle a candy container! Pinned.

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