Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DIY Acrylic poured big wood ornament

I got a pouring medium sample from the Plaid crafts company and wanted to try acrylic pouring with that for the past two months. .I wanted the project to be published in the mid of November, so I thought I will do a Christmas themed one. I came across this big wood sign ornament from Dollar tree and wanted to try acrylic pouring on that but I could get only one as it was out of stock. I was positive I could find another one in some other Dollar tree shops. But I wasn't lucky enough so I gave up on that project. Last Friday, When I went to the Dollar tree I came across the same wood sign and grabbed to try this. So I tried it this weekend and here is how it turned out.  

Acrylic pouring on wood ornament for christmas in red shades using pouring medium from plaid

Materials Used:
Big ornament shaped Wood sign
Acrylic paints
Pouring medium
Paper cups & popsicle sticks for mixing 
Trash bags or Newspapers for protecting the surface. 
Ribbon and glue (optional) for decoration

Step 1: Mix equal parts of pouring medium and paint in cups. Do this for all the colors you want to use. 

Step 2: Pour a little bit of each paint one after the other in a separate cup. I made sure to alternate between dark and light colors. 

Step 3: Since I tried the straight pour last time when I tried acrylic pouring, this time I tried dirty pour and flip cup method combined. For this, after pouring the paints in a separate cup, I placed the wood sign on top of the cup and flipped it so that the paint gets transferred onto the wood surface. 

Step 4: Swirl the paint around to cover the wood sign. Mix some more paint to cover the areas where the paint did not reach and swirl it again. Place the sign on top of something high so that the excess paint drips and the sign dries. It took around 8 to 10 hours to dry completely. 

I also tried dirty pour on 2 square panels to finish the mixed paints. 

Step 5: Add any decoration as desired. I used hot glue and ribbon to decorate the corners of the ornament and then made a loop to hang with another ribbon. Used the same type of ribbon and covered the top to look like an ornament. I also added two jingle bells at the bottom using some sewing thread to add some sweet touch to the ornaments ;)

How fun and simple was that? This is a totally fun project that you can do to decorate your house. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to decorate your house for holidays or parties, this is a must-try. You can add some vinyl words in the middle to make it a signboard since I wanted to highlight the marble effect from pouring I left as is. You can refer to my previous project on how I added a decal sticker to make the acrylic poured wood panel as a wall decor piece. 

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