Sunday, August 30, 2020

How to make a laptop cover from Bubble mailer - Bubble mailer uses

 I love repurposing things. I always wanted to find different ways to use the bubble mailer in which we received our Amazon packages. I have used them as a gift package and as safe storage for my clay creations. I bought a new laptop case to store my laptop when I first purchased it,  later as I didn't use much the case much as I am home most of the time. So, I gave it to my brother-in-law when he got a new laptop. Now, when I want to carry my laptop to my friend's house or somewhere I needed a protection cover for my laptop so I thought I will make a laptop cover using a bubble mailer. Let's see how. 

Materials Used for making your own laptop sleeve or case :
Bubble mailer

Step 1: Take a bubble mailer that is large enough to hold your laptop. I m reusing an amazon package here. 

Step 2: Trim away any torn parts and make flap for the case as shown. I trimmed the flap of the bubble mailer as it was torn and then trimmed a small portion from the front part of the bubble mailer to make the flap from the back part. 

Step 3: This is an optional step. Since the duck tape I used was translucent and the amazon logo was peeking through I covered the entire bubble mailer with a grey duck tape. 

Step 4: Take your patterned duck tape and layer one after the other so that the pattern overlaps. 

Step 5: Cover the flap area in a contrasting color tape covering the edges of the patterned tape. For the front side, I covered the top portion with a piece of tape around 1/4" of gold tape showing out. 

Step 6: Stick the Velcro coins as shown in the picture on both sides for closure. Since I felt the flap was not proportionate, I folded a piece of tape and attached it to the end of the flap. That's all. The Laptop cover is now ready!!

How simple and easy is this project? I totally get what you are thinking. If you going to buy all these supplies to make this project I'm sure the cost will be equal to that of buying a new laptop case. This is a quick fix project only if you already have these supplies on hand.

Alternatively, you can use a pretty scrapbook and mod podge to decorate the bubble mailer or any patterned paper & glue and top it with clear tape. Instead of Velcro, you could use a button and thread to secure the flap. 

A few years back, I decorated a bubble mailer to hold the clay creations securely for travel and ended up using it as a gift bag for one of the gifts I made. So the possibilities are endless. You can find new use based on your need. If you have used the bubble mailer in any other way than mentioned here, I would love to hear them in the comments below. Also, If you try these ideas, share a picture with me in any of my social media account (Instagram or Facebook). I would love to see your creations. 

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