Sunday, December 20, 2020

DIY Ideas and Improvements For Your Bedroom

Now that everyone is staying home, everyone needs their own space either to do their work or to study. Some of you might be gathering ideas to tackle DIY projects or to do a home improvement project that has been on your to-do list for a long. Here I will be sharing DIY ideas and improvements you can do to your bedroom to alter it to your preference. Be it lighting or flooring or purchasing a piece of furniture to suit your current needs, we got it all covered. 


DIY Wall Decor for Bedroom:

Do your walls look boring? Try creating an accent wall using wallpaper, or by changing your paint color, or by making your own DIY Faux wallpaper like Plank + pillow to create an accent wall. Walls really help in setting the mood of the room. If you are using your bedroom for studies or office work, try something in light tones to set your mood to be ready and get going in the morning for your classes. 


If your bedroom needs a lot of light with privacy, opt for sheer curtains. If your current space doesn't have curtain rods - Try this DIY cheapest curtain rod hack to hang your curtains. 

Or make your own Tab top curtains for under $10 or Convert Duvet cover into Back tab curtains

Sheer curtains come in all colors - Amazon

Indoor plants:

Invest in Indoor plants to add more liveliness to your space. Plants bring a lot of positive energy to space. Start with something simple like air plants or succulents and slowly consider fewer maintenance plants like bamboo, snake plants, pothos.

Or you can try to the DIY shelf using popsicle sticks for air plants like the one below. 

Flooring Ideas for Bedroom:

Have carpeted floors that you don't have a budget to change? Try adding an area rug in the high traffic rug or try to layer different textures of rugs like faux sheepskin fur to create the look you prefer. But remember that you have to anchor the rugs in order to avoid bunching and tripping. This Snapguide can help you with anchoring rugs on carpets.

This rug sizing guide can help you find the right rug for your bedroom - Lesly Myrick Art + Design

Do you know you can Stencil on Carpet? If you're looking for a change on a tight budget and you pretty much have paint and stencils on hand. Then this project is for you from Sarah's big idea

Are you thinking of updating plain wooden flooring to something unique to your taste? Have you thought about Parquet flooring and thinking of whether Parquet flooring installation costs come under your budget? Fret not! Click the link to check what other factors to be considered before choosing this type of flooring. 


Lighting for Bedroom:

Do you have a desk by the bed? Consider switching the night lamps with multiple lamps which serve as a reading lamp over the table and also as a night lamp.

Multiple head tree lamp - Amazon

Is space an issue? Try to switch a lamp with storage to display your keepsakes as also small drawers to keep your personal belongings by the bedside like your books, glasses, phone, etc. More on Lighting 101

Floor lamp with storage & shelves - Amazon


 Furniture & Storage DIY ideas for the bedroom:

Ready to tackle a DIY project? Make your own headboard if you don't already have one with this simple DIY fabric headboard tutorial from Cuckoo 4 design

Use 4 cube shelves as a nightstand or end table if you are looking for storage options by the bedside from The Every girl

Talk to me about under the bed storage - if you aren't using this space you should consider it. We pretty much use that space to store all our big suitcases full of stuff - it is like our mini storage room. Use Bed risers - like this to add space below your bed. Feeling fancy? Make your own DIY rolling under bed storage box from Curbly or get some under the bed storage bins from here.

If you lacking in space and need a table that doesn't occupy space. Consider a drop leaf table like this which perfect for a quick online class or to attend a meeting. Or make your own version using these brackets for a more affordable version.

Now that everyone is home, Bunk bed with desk is quite properly, are you considering a switch in your children's room? 
Bunk Bed with Desk - Amazon

I hope these ideas were helpful in some way to make your bedroom to suit to your needs. Share which idea was helpful to you in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you. 

This post contains affiliate links that don't cost you anything by clicking it but gives me a few cents which help to run this blog. Also, this is a sponsored post written on behalf of by me. All the opinions expressed are my own. 

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