Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to make a bulldozer from a cereal box

I came up with this idea of making a DIY bulldozer toy using things at home like a cereal box, bottle caps from milk jugs, empty paper towel roll, etc when we didn't get what we wanted. My son loves to play with all sorts of construction vehicles and he likes to carry his tools box around the house pretending like he is fixing everything. So I was looking for a toy that involves construction with tools, the one I got ended up having too many small parts(like screws and nuts) that were not staying in place after constructing. The only thing we made from that building set was a bulldozer toy. My son got attached it to after playing for 2-3 days that he doesn't want to return the toy. I promised I will make a Bulldozer toy for him and he agreed and gladly said bye-bye to the toy we got. So, here is how I made the bulldozer toy.

Bulldozer toy made using cereal box and other recycled materials displayed

Materials Used :
One Cereal box
4 Bottler caps from Milk jugs for wheels
Empty paper towel roll for bulldozer's blade
A piece of cardboard for tracks
Duck tape in yellow, black & gray color
Wood dowels
Utility knife
Black spray paint
Glue (Hot glue & E6000)

Step 1: Mark the measurements as shown in the picture using a ruler and a maker. I have used a cereal box here but you can use any box available for you but consider adjusting the measurements accordingly. The box I used has a width of 2.25" approx on the sides so I went with 2" for the cab and  4" for the bottom part/engine part. 

Back of the cereal box
Front of the cereal box

Side 1 of the cereal box

Side 2 of the cereal box

Bottom of the cereal box 
Step 2: Cut along the outline of the marked lines and score the flap inside using the ruler and the tip of a scissor. Scoring is optional. It is done to ease the folding and to get sharp folds. 

Step 3: Use hot-glue to secure. Make a cube for the cab. And a rectangle box for the bottom/engine part. Join both to make the body part of the bulldozer.

Step 4: Cover it with the yellow duct tape. Use black duck tape to add details like windows and engine grill. 

Step 5:  Use a marker to mark the holes where you want to add the wheels. Poke holes using an awl. You can also use a hole punch to make a hole prior to covering the bulldozer with duct tape. 

Step 6: Insert the wood dowel into the holes. Leave a half-inch extra on the sides and trim the rest using a utility knife. 

Step 7: Cut two pieces measuring 2.7"height and 1" width. Fold it in half width-wise and wrap it with the black duct tape. Poke holes at 0.5" mark from one side and add it to the front dowel on both sides.

Step 8: Spray paint the bottle caps black. Painting inside is not necessary because the paint comes off with the glue.(Lesson learned ;)) It is best to avoid painting inside or scratch the area you are using glue and then use glue to adhere it to the dowels. Consider using a strong glue like E6000 to attach the wheels. 

Step 9: Take the empty paper towel roll, fold it in half. Measure the size and cut it. Wrap it with the gray duck tape. Use scissors to cut a semi-circle shape in the black piece (front cylinder) to fit the blade perfectly. Use glue to attach the blade. 

Step 10: Take a piece of cardboard around 4" height and 1" width. Spray some water on the top like I did to make the DIY textured cardboard letters. Moisten the top layer and then peel it to reveal the corrugated part of the cardboard. Measure and cut strips to imitate the tracks. Use hot glue and glue the strips on the top of the wheels. 

Step 11: Poke a hole in the center of the bottom part and add a piece of extra wood dowel painted in black to act as an exhaust pipe for the bulldozer. If you have a plastic straw with folds it will be a perfect fit for the exhaust pipe. That's it. Your bulldozer is now ready to roll. 

I hope you enjoyed the making of a toy bulldozer with supplies you easily find around your house. Have you made your own toys for your little ones? What do you think of this DIY bulldozer? Share with me in the comments below. 

Check the video for DIY bulldozer toy:

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